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Pandwe Gibson founded EcoTech Visions as a for-profit maker space for ecopreneurs. The company supports the design and development of sustainable products and packaging using innovative technologies while also offering smart manufacturing and supply chain logistic capabilities. Yet, Pandwe's commitment to sustainability extends beyond the for-profit space. The other arm of EcoTech Visions is our nonprofit organization, EcoTech Visions Foundation. 


EcoTech Visions Foundation is a million-dollar nonprofit that develops affordable and sustainable housing options for citizens across the United States. Pandwe and her team work closely with local zoning departments to enhance our building projects and sustainability efforts. We then use our proceeds to create eco-friendly jobs by providing free training and mentorship programs that help facilitate economic development through green technology and digital economy opportunities. Our mission is to have a hand in transitioning the workforce from blue and white-collar to green-collar.  


EcoTech Visions Foundation's core program is our Digital Citizens Bootcamp, which includes a curriculum focused on coding, web development, and other applications that are critical for the digital economy. We also have a Business Fellowship training program that teaches and supports fellows in building green businesses that are part of the EcoTech Visions Incubator, a Green Scouts Externship program that helps pair high school and university students with companies that would benefit from their skill sets, a Solar Tech program, and a Green Manufacturing Internship program, among others. Our mission is to offer these trainings for free because courses of this nature are otherwise inaccessible to many community members and often inhibit them from entering high-growth sectors.


As part of our workforce housing developments, entrepreneurs who are involved in EcoTech Visions can prototype their technologies to assist our builds. Some of our small to mid-sized partners include solar tech and container home companies that have worked together to build a model for our sustainable home projects. Not only does this give companies proof of concept to enhance their products and services by allowing them to test products in real-life developments, but it also helps EcoTech Visions Foundation provide more affordable housing options to our communities. 


Pandwe Gibson believes the more opportunities the foundation can create for entrepreneurs and communities alike, the more they can help the planet.

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Pandwe Gibson

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