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Land Development

EcoTech Visions Foundation's mission is simple: develop affordable and sustainable housing options for citizens across the United States. We work closely with local zoning departments to enhance our building projects and sustainability efforts, but we have also established a number of partnerships to support our mission as well. This includes our relationship with Build Everyday Better, an eco-friendly container home developer. This partnership allows us to be the first to build an extensive number of affordable and environmentally friendly homes across the nation. The homes are built out of recycled shipping containers and will sell below market value to help combat the housing crisis.


The breaking ground of our first container home project took place on Monday, September 30, 2019 (see picture below).


All of our achievements have been made possible with the help of Miami-Dade County and the support of Commissioner Barbara Jordan. These projects may help to provide revenue for ETVF by making it more self-sustaining and not solely grant or gift-reliant.


15800 NW 37th Ave

2481 NW 152nd St

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