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How Your Contributions Help

Funding raised has supported programs that have resulted in the immediate impact of green causes and economic improvements, such as:


Digital Citizens:  

  • Trained over 250 citizens in South Florida.

  • Skilled for careers paying over $15/hour

  • Over $8M/year in collective economic contribution to the community.


Green Scouts: 

  • Educated over 400 student interns in entrepreneurship.

  • Potential founders of sustainable companies or green ambassadors.

  • Over $14M in potential contribution to the community's economy.



  • Trained over 100 citizens (70% formerly incarcerated) for skills in green tech industries.

  • Turning blue collar to green collar to adapt to the current/future trends.

  • Over $10M in potential contribution to the economy.

  • Significant reduction in recidivism.

Individuals who want to support the EcoTech Visions Foundation can also donate directly to our land development projects, to our EcoTech Visions entrepreneurs who create sustainable materials and products that enhance our builds, and to our training initiatives.

Our Donors

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