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How Your Contributions Help

Funding raised has supported programs that have resulted in immediate impact of green causes and economic improvements, such as:


Digital Citizens:  

  • Trained over 250 citizens in South Florida.

  • Skilled for careers paying over $15/hour

  • Over $8M/year in collective economic contribution to the community.


Green Scouts: 

  • Educated over 400 student interns in entrepreneurship.

  • Potential founders of sustainable companies or green ambassadors.

  • Over $14M in potential contribution to the community's economy.



  • Trained over 100 citizens ( 70% formerly incarcerated)  for skills in green tech industries.

  • Turning blue collar to green collar to adapt to the current/future trends.

  • Over $10M in potential contribution to the economy.

  • Significant reduction in recidivism.

Our Donors

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