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Digital Citizen Bootcamp

The EcoTech Visions Digital Citizen Bootcamp is a FREE 8 week intensive course in the practical use of a variety of web-based tools and applications necessary for the Digital Economy. The mission of the program is to close the Digital Divide and empower individuals to access and use technology in their lives.
The Digital Divide is the gap between the way certain people use and access information technology & communication in their daily lives, including the skills to make use of those technologies within their communities. The Digital Citizen program aims to close that gap for individuals in South Florida who are interested in learning more about the tech space and how to become a creator – not just a consumer. 
Classes are held at the EcoTech Visions Headquarters with advanced notice given for events that may occur throughout the city.


Solar Citizens

The Solar Citizens Bootcamp supports community members who want to access solar instillation and sales platforms. We hold workshops in partnerships with solar companies to supplies the growing industry with human capita by providing training in battery/solar ceil installation and sales.


Green Scout Externship

 This grant reliant program is a 9-month (three semesters) paid internships for high school and college students to work inside of our start-ups and learn about the opportunities in GreenTech sectors. The Green Scout Externship Program will ensure that students gain real-life experiences working for GMCs, and that the incubator businesses get access to the expertise they need in order to flourish, expand, and in turn provide these students with opportunities of employment post-graduation. To provide a valuable experience both for university students and the incubator businesses, this program provides the interns with a stipend of $400/month for a commitment of 20-30/hours a week for a total of 9 months.  In Aug 2019 we completed our third summer cohort. We partner with five local Universities to fund salaries including: Miami Dade College, Florida International University, University of Miami, Barry University and Johnson and Wells. Since launching, EcoTech has received an increasingly interest from university students about volunteering and internship opportunities. 

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