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About Us

EcoTech Visions Foundation is a non-for profit 501(c)(3) organization, ETVI started its non-profit  activities in the State of Florida in September 2014 by taking over an inactive non-profit organization formerly known as Movement Catalyst Inc. 


Creating Smart Jobs, Sustaining Communities, and Protecting the Planet.

The broad mission is to support the growth and prosperity of early-stage startup green businesses and provide educational programs for the residents in Miami-Dade County. To achieve this mission, it creates an engaged atmosphere where green-based start-ups can successfully plan, launch, market, and grow their businesses, while simultaneously providing necessary coding and technical skills to low-income individuals in the high-poverty communities of Miami-Dade County.



Our vision is to advance Ecopreneurship and the green manufacturing industry initially in the American southeast and midwest by growing a new generation of environmentally conscious and progressive startup companies and scaling our model to underserved regions around the world. Through our foundation, we work to provide the transitional training skills necessary to engage the workforce in the green economy

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